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We are providing the website and introduction services (“Services”) to help match you with jobs, roles, appointments or experiences posted by businesses on our website (“Position Vacancy” “Position Vacancies”).

This is our only role; we are not an agent for, nor associated with any of the businesses or any other candidate. We are not an employer, an employment agency or a recruiting firm and do not guarantee any Position Vacancy or advertisement that may be posted on our site or offered through contact with any business.

Therefore, it is your responsibility to independently confirm the content of any Position Vacancy or advertisement or Position Vacancy that any business approaches you to discuss. You need to do your own due diligence with respect to the business and the Position Vacancy and make your own decision about the suitability of any role for yourself.


MEMBERSHIPYou must become a member and register in order to gain access to this website and our Services. You must first fill in registration details that are required to gain access. Membership is free for candidates.
You agree to make sure that your registration details and all information you provide to us is, at all times correct and up-to-date. You also agree to make sure that you keep your user name and password private at all times.

NOTE: We can suspend or terminate - ban your membership at any time at our option for any reason or if you breach these Terms or any law or regulation.

Where you are required to provide information to us you agree to:

  1. provide true, correct, current, complete and reliable information about yourself;

This includes your name, contact number, suburb, email address, and information about your qualifications, experience, positions, education and all other information that you provide to us (“your Information”).


(b) promptly update the Information to ensure it is up-to-date, complete and correct at all times.

You agree and acknowledge:

  1. that at all times you warrant (that means, you promise) that the Information you provide to us and any business is not misleading (that is, not false or incorrect or confusing);

  2. that we may pass your Information on to potential employers and businesses for the purposes of introducing you to a Position Vacancy;

  3. to ensure you are reasonably qualified and legally allowed to perform any Position Vacancy that you say or suggest you can do;

  4. that if there is an age restriction specified, you warrant that you meet this age restriction;

  5. that you are, to the best of your knowledge, properly fit, capable and able to do, any Position Vacancy that you apply for;

  6. to permit us to perform the relevant background, reference and other checks; If you provide a reference for your current position or job, and this may cause you to lose that position or job; or if there is other sensitive information we should be aware of, you agree to notify us immediately;

  7. that we make no representation (statements) as to the suitability of any Position Vacancy or business nor do we represent that you are or will be regarded as suitable by any business for any Position Vacancy specifically or generally at any time; and

  8. that we may receive a commission fee for our Services directly from the business for a successful appointment of a candidate that we recommend for a Position Vacancy or any candidate that may be found by a business using our Services.

NOTE: We are not responsible for any loss or damage you may suffer as a result of any Information you provide or any background, reference or other checks we do on your behalf. We accept no responsibility or liability (that is legal responsibility) for the quality, safety or standard of the positions for which you may be considered or accepted by any business. We also take no responsibility and assume no liability if you are not reasonably qualified or entitled to perform a Position Vacancy that you say or suggest you can do.

We will maintain the security of your Information and will ensure the privacy of all candidates, users and visitors is maintained in accordance with our Privacy Policy.

You understand and agree that we may review and delete any content, including but not limited to jobs, messages, photos or profiles, ("Content") that in our sole judgment breaches these Terms, or that might be offensive or illegal, or that might violate the rights of, harm, or threaten the safety of users of our website.

However, we do not have any obligation to confirm the identity of any business subscribing to the website, nor do we have any obligation to monitor their use of our website. We do our best to ensure that the business registering, posting and advertising any Position Vacancy is reliable but we cannot be held responsible for any issues you may have in relation to the Position Vacancy or terms or duration of any job.

All communication regarding any Position Vacancy or to any business directly is between you and the business and we are not to be involved. We are not a party to any of the arrangements nor do we recommend, warrant, secure, promote, guarantee or otherwise, any business or Position Vacancy. This is entirely between you and the business.

You should do your own research in relation to any Position Vacancy or business. We do not guarantee any Position Vacancy, any job, position or advertisement. We are not responsible for, nor do we take any responsibility for background, security or other checks, enquiries or investigations into the business nor any particular Position Vacancy.

Any agreements which may be made between candidates and businesses are solely that and you have no recourse or any claim for expenses, liability etc against us for or in relation to any loss or damage which may be suffered by you whether direct or indirect. All disputes are directly between candidates and the businesses only.

Candidates may, from time to time, receive from the businesses they have applied to or given their details to, opportunities, emails, advertisements, including content such as job alerts, news alerts, newsletters, product launch notices, and other general business information. You can opt out of any and all contact from the businesses by contacting the businesses directly.

We are not involved in and assume no liability in respect of any contracts, Position Vacancy, position, communication or otherwise that may occur between you and the businesses or any other third party on this website.

We will in no way be liable to you for any direct, indirect, incidental, special, or consequential loss or damage of any nature or type (including any physical, mental or emotional injury, loss of opportunity or revenue) as a result of your use of this website, our Services or anything related directly or indirectly to any Position Vacancy or position. We also do not accept any responsibility for and are not liable for any loss or damage resulting from your reliance on or use of any of the information on or through this website.

We make no representation or warranty about any final terms, duration or appointment of any Position Vacancy. You hereby waive any claims against us for failure to grant you any position and/or in relation to the terms or duration of any position. All disputes are directly between candidates and the businesses only.

We take your privacy seriously and at all times abide by the Australian Privacy legislation. Any information provided through your use of the website and/or Services are subject to our Privacy Policy, which is available on the website.

Once you have contacted the business and provided any details directly to them, we are not responsible for privacy issues which can arise including but not limited to sale or distribution of your email address or other details by any business or third party.

However, we will maintain the security of the details provided to our website directly and will keep privacy of all businesses, candidates, users and visitors maintained in accordance with the Privacy Policy posted on our website.

You must not sell, distribute, or otherwise make public any business information which may be sent to you and you agree to keep all correspondence and business details private and confidential unless otherwise agreed with the business.

These Terms are governed by the laws of NSW, Australia, and the parties unconditionally subject themselves to the jurisdiction of the courts of NSW. These Terms shall be binding and to the benefit of the parties hereto and their legal guardians, their successors and assigns.

“business”, “businesses” means any and all businesses that register and use our Services and all of their subsidiaries, affiliates and associates.
“candidate”, “you”, “your” means you as user of this website and our services including, but not limited to, anyone registering and/or posting anything to this website, contacting any business, applying for a Position Vacancy, or any other user of the website.
“we”, “us”, “our”, means The Best Recruit (ABN 85 508 341 756) and www.thebestrecruit.com.au.