Oct 1, 2018

Your Small Business Superpower

Your Small Business Superpower

Having a small business and recruiting can be tricky.

You don’t have the big recruitment budget that much larger businesses have. These days, you need to try and promote the benefits and reasons why your workplace is a great place to work. People want to know the kind of environment they may be working in, the feeling of the workplace, types of people they will be working with and perks they will receive being in that job. Don’t just assume that telling people about the job details is going to attract good people in abundance!

But have you considered what your superpower is when it comes to attracting and keeping staff? Your superpower is the personality, culture and those little things that make your workplace a great place to work. Think about the good things that make-up your workplace. Do you have casual Fridays? Do you run a footy tipping competition? Do you offer flexible work days or have great Christmas parties? What types of training do you offer? These are the types of things that you should be promoting to candidates, particularly when you are interviewing them. It’s these factors that make up your business personality and the culture of the workplace.

Remember to inform candidates of your superpower in job posts and in interviews. Try and motivate them to want to work for your business and not just to apply for another job.

We would love to hear about what your superpower is for your business in the comments below.