Sep 26, 2018

Three Steps to Job Seeker Success

Three Steps to Job Seeker Success

The job market can be difficult to navigate, particularly when we are looking for work in our local area right here in the Wollondilly and Macarthur. The three steps below will help you start on the right track to help you get your next local job.

1. Know what you want

It's hard to get what you want if you don't know that you are looking for. Many job seekers come and see us for advice and it is very clear that they want a 'job' but they do not know that they are looking for. Take some time before you actively job search and ask yourself what you want from your job search. What type of job do you want? Are you looking for part-time or full-time work? What types of businesses would you like to work for?

2. Have a strategy

You need an action plan that can guide you along your job search. Without a plan, you may get lost along the way! An action plan with defined steps and SMART goals will ensure that you achieve job seeker success. In your strategy, make a plan to apply for advertised jobs, apply for a Job Seeker Profile on The Best Recruit website and think about targeting some business directly (a little bit more on this below).

3. Be Proactive

Many job seekers think that getting a job is a matter of responding to SEEK job advertisements. Yes, we know that this is an easy option. You can do this while watching the Big Bang Theory while lazing on your lounge. But did you know that simply just responding to job advertisements is one of the least effective methods of getting a job? You need to target organisations directly whether they currently have vacancies or not. Be assertive and advise your current contacts that you are currently looking for a job and explain exactly what you are looking for. And yes, of course, continue to apply for jobs but make sure you combine this with proactive methods.

Your next job is right around the corner. Follow the steps above to greatly increase your chances of success. Check out our free Job Seeker Resources to help you with your job search.