Sep 26, 2018

Keeping an Open Mind

Keeping an Open Mind

We have worked with a range of employers and have helped them with their recruitment needs. Without a doubt, the employers that get the best results when recruiting have an open mind when they are looking, selecting and hiring candidates.

So what does having an open mind actually mean???

What it doesn’t mean is having a preconceived idea in your head of the exact person you want to hire. You do need to consider what the person needs in order to be successful for the position (i.e. qualifications, skills, availability, etc.). But having a preconceived image in your head of the exact person you want can bias you toward certain candidates and turn you off others who may be remarkable.

For example, pretend that you are looking at a few job applications and you come across a person who has had an extended career gap on their Resume. Normally, a lot of employers would put this Resume in the no pile. This person may be the best person for the job! Perhaps that person, was a carer, raising children or had a career sabbatical for a period of time. This does not make them an unsuitable candidate based on a career gap. Keep an open mind and consider this person by looking at their experience and the skills they have to offer. A telephone interview/ conversation can often clear up any hesitations that you may have. Have a chat with them and find out more before you make your decision.

So next time you are looking at Job Seeker Profiles on The Best Recruit and looking Resumes, keep an open mind to find the best staff locally.